Xen of the Flow By Meighan Brodkey

Hands on session to build a flow. Using the new builder walk users through creating a screen flow that use the out of the box components and Custom components to build a flow with the stage chevrons for each page.
Basic flow that uses a form, users can see how the new flow builder differs from the original flow designer, see the new field options, learn about file upload, dependent picklist, and address fields for out of the box components. Learn about the stage variable and how to apply it. Have an introduction to Custom flow components, where to find them, and the possibilities... So beyond endless - explain that with interaction with the crowd sharing use cases and ideas of what they have as components that could be flow and how to solve problems with clicks not code, but remind them if the build it or install it and drop it in their flow with flow components.

Meighan Brodkey

Meighan is a Technical Architect at Xede Consulting Group, the leader of the Seattle Women in Tech User Group, Salesforce MVP, and Community Club member. With over 400 Trailhead badges, Meighan is continuously working on increasing her Salesforce knowledge and helping others do so as well. She has spoken around the world about Salesforce - and more often than not, her love of the Community Cloud or Flow. Some of her presentations include AutomationHour x3, Dreamforce 17 x2, Dreamforce 18 x3 - Including winning in the Community Cloud Custom Theme Demo Jam, Tahoe Dreamin' 18, Surf Force 17, and the Chicago World Tour. Sharing her love of the platform with the Ohana is her passion. Over the past decade Meighan has gone from admin to architect, thanks in part to all of the knowledge shared by and help from other members of the community. She gives back to the community via Twitter, #OhanaSlack, the Trailblazer Community and her blog.

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