Using Automation to track User Interactions By Nickki Gibeaut

Ever want to capture the last touches of your Agents (or others) and want to know when the last Chatter post happened on your case (or other objects)? Want to filter out for bulk updates, from those pesky System Admins and API integrations, from your last modified trail? Interested in seeing practical ways of using Custom Permissions (different from permission sets)? Then come check out how to leverage Process Builder to:

  • Track Chatter posts and who's touched it last

  • Track user last modified while ignoring System Admin & bulk Updates API users

    Come explore this with us in Lightning and maybe even get some ideas on other ways to capitalize on this fun solution .

Nickki Gibeaut

Nickki holds a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership and is one of the leaders for Irvine, CA WIT. Volunteers her extra time with organizations like PepUp Tech, Force Academy LA and WITness Success. She is currently a Senior Salesforce Administrator and always willing to help others however she can. Nickki is a proud dog mom, travel junkie, and guacamole enthusiast. She enjoys cooking with her boyfriend in her spare time. 

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