Building Smarter Lightning Components: 3 Pro Tips for Making Your Apps More Intuitive and Your Users More Productive By Pat McClellan

This session explores three coding techniques used to make custom Lightning components context aware and intuitive for users by designing around these key UX principles:
* Never ask users for information you should already know.
* Minimize keystrokes by anticipating what users will want.
* Give admins flexibility and configuration control.

Pat McClellan

Pat McClellan is an AppExchange Partner, Lightning Engineer, and creator of Proton Text, an SMS Lightning Component with integration to Salesforce objects, available on the AppExchange.

Pat is an experienced writer, presenter, media producer, and marketing strategist, with a career doing creative and strategy for major technology events including Dreamforce, VMworld, Intel Developer Forum, and AWS re:Invent. In 2017, he left his career in events marketing and set out to become a Salesforce Developer, earning Double-Ranger status on Trailhead and achieving 3 certifications in five months. He focused this knowledge and his passion for learning on the challenge of building Proton Text — a truly-integrated SMS app that takes full advantage of the power and flexibility of the Lightning Experience.

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