Programmatic Architecture: Preparing Your Code for Enterprise Scale by Tyler Mowbrey

This session would be geared towards developers to ensure they are aware of, and understand, enterprise programming best practices. This includes areas such as object oriented design, SOQL query analysis/tuning, management of view state, and other best practice areas.

The outcome from this session is to have beginner and intermediate developers realize that the Salesforce platform supports Enterprise patterns seen on other platforms and understand that they can raise the quality of their coding.

Tyler Mowbrey

Tyler has been tied to the platform for the last 10 years. During that time he has acquired 15 certifications, including both Application and System Architect. He has worked in the consulting space helping companies ranging from single Salesforce organizations supporting ten users to multi organization deployments supporting many thousands of users. Most recently Tyler has had the privilege of leading a top Salesforce team with Slalom Consulting. Within the community, Tyler has spent the last few years as the host of the San Diego Salesforce Developer Group. Coming from northern Alberta, Canada, the beautiful weather of sunny San Diego has led Tyler to develop a great passion for the creation of unique Hot Sauces from home grown peppers.

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