Reducing Code Complexity With Custom Metadata By Miranda Ragland

Complex business processes often require supporting custom code, which can have its own complexity in both logic and unit testing, and is less responsive to changing business needs. Custom Metadata is a feature that can be used along with custom code to create solutions that are easier to understand, administer and support long term. Together we will explore creating Custom Metadata powered solutions in custom code as well as making an existing custom code solution more admin friendly, easier to unit test, and easier to support long term.


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Miranda Ragland

Miranda Ragland is the Founder of M7 Unlimited, a registered Salesforce ISV Partner. She is a 3x certified Salesforce Professional with 13 years of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem, former co-founder of two prior companies, as well as a User Group Leader. When not behind the keyboard designing and implementing solutions, Miranda is a movie and pop culture aficionado, an LGBT rights activist, and she enjoys spending time with her 3 children playing outdoors, assisting with STEM projects, as well as building LEGO kits.

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